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Dan Torre

Dan Torre

Branch Manager

 I attended Sinclair Community College and the University of Missouri. I’ve been a mortgage originator in SW Ohio since 1992. VP & COO of First National Mortgage Banc from 1996 to 2005. I was the owner & CEO of Midwest American Mortgage, a mortgage banc, from 2005 to 2009. I’ve been a lifelong resident of Southwestern Ohio. I love this job; I have helped so many people over the years get a home when they weren’t sure it was even a possibility. It has always been a great satisfaction!

I’m also a scuba diver, skydiver, and a passionate motor head. I still enjoy turning a wrench on my own vehicle, too. In my spare time I like walking, bicycle riding, playing with my Blue Heeler (Aussie cattle dog), Bella, gardening and playing guitar. I’m an active elder in my church as well.

Judy Hamilton

Judy Hamilton

Loan Processor

Judy Hamilton has been with the Beavercreek branch of Primary Residential Mortgage for over 10 years. She brings a rich background of helping customers with a dedication honed by years of experience. Her background before PRMI was with the automotive industry in Michigan, where she spent over 15 years working with brands like General Motors, NASCAR and the nation’s police forces, making sure the right parts got to the right people so they could do their jobs. Judy loves working in the mortgage loan business and finds a great satisfaction in helping customers, often nervous and uncertain, through the buying and loan processes. She is an absolute pro when it comes to smoothing the path and guiding them every step of the way into their new homes. Judy’s favorite part of working with PRMI is the knowledge that she’s doing something truly valuable for people, and working for a company that really cares about its employees. In her free time, she loves gardening, quilting and antiquing in her free time, and enjoys spending lots of time with her Bichon and Shih Tzu dogs and her cats.

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